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We are experts in waterjet cutting, punching and planing various materials.

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We are a family business that has been around since 1972. Jaakko Refsbäck started the company under the name Lammtex KB in Gävle, and it was originally in the leather and textile industry. Over the years, the company grew and developed into the current business. Joel, Jaakko's son, took over the company in 2013 and he runs it with the same enthusiasm as his father did. For us, it is important that all materials are of high quality and that we impact the environment as little as possible. Another important factor is keeping our customers happy and satisfied with our products. We know we are good at what we are doing, and we are proud of all our products.

"The small family business with big resources, where the focus is on the environment and quality."

Our company is located in Bergslagen, and we produce different kinds of gaskets and packing materials in various sizes, materials and designs. The machines we use for our production makes it just as easy to manufacture small millimetre packaging to large meter sizes. We have the capacity to produce both small and large quantities. Our customers are mostly from the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing or the automotive industry. We comply with the quality and environmental standards that can be found in ISO 9002 and ISO 14001. If you choose us, you will get the highest possible quality and quick delivery. We have vast knowledge in this industry, and we look forward to working with you.

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